Finally, People Are Watching Madame Web!

Image: Sony Pictures

Is Madame Web a good movie? Still a tough question, frankly, but as someone who has aggressively admired its commitment to a very specific bit since it first released earlier this year, I’ve always been a little disappointed that so few people gave Cassie Webb a chance because of paltry things like “they heard it was bad, on this very website even.” But it seems, at least, that has slowly changed.

The best, and currently only, Marvel movie to have released so far in 2024 recently weaved its way to Netflix, and this week, Madame Web made its way all the way to number three on Nielsen’s official streaming top 10—with Variety reporting that a whopping 1.2 billion minutes worth of viewing time was spent with the brisk 116-minute movie. Don’t ask me do division and try to extrapolate total views from there. I’m an enjoyer of the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters movie Madame Web, do you think that indicates that I’d be good at basic math? Whatever it is, that’s a lot of watching, up there with other big pop cultural forces like the latest season of Bridgerton, Grey’s Anatomy, and Bluey. Where Cassie Webb belongs, rubbing shoulders with the greats!

Whether or not all these people will have seen Madame Web’s vision having streamed the movie so much is not entirely my concern. If you had a fun, terrible time? Welcome, there are dozens of us! If you had a bad, terrible time? I’m sorry, Deadpool & Wolverine is out next month. But hey, at least you tried: and that’s more of a chance than most people gave Madame Web at the box office.

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