Best Free Resources to Learn Data Analysis and Data Science

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In my decade of teaching online, the most significant inspiration has been that online learning democratizes access to education globally. Regardless of your ethnic background, income level, and geographical location—as long as you can surf the web—you can find an ocean of free educational content to help you learn new skills. 

This article introduces six top-notch, free data science resources ideal for aspiring data analysts, data scientists, or anyone aiming to enhance their analytical skills.


1. 365 Data Science Flashcards


At 365 Data Science, we offer a range of expertly designed flashcard decks to teach fundamental data science concepts—including terms and glossaries for tools like Microsoft Excel, SQL, Python, and ChatGPT. Additionally, our flashcards cover math, statistics, probability, and machine learning—providing an excellent starting point for beginners by familiarizing them with the essential data science language. Free Udemy Courses 


2. Udemy


Udemy is the go-to marketplace for online courses. Their content library includes over 100,000  titles on almost every topic—including data analytics and data science. They also offer free courses uploaded by authors eager to share their knowledge with the public at no cost. Use the filtering options when browsing the marketplace to discover unique learning materials. 


3. 365 Data Science Statistics Calculators


Recently, 365 Data Science launched a series of statistics calculators designed for university students and practitioners eager to grasp statistical calculations’ underlying mechanics and theory—beyond merely achieving results through tools like Excel or Python. These calculators enable users to input problem data for homework, exams, or practice, revealing each step necessary to arrive at the solution rather than only the outcome. Each calculator includes a detailed statistical article to explain the concept—offering an invaluable opportunity to learn through comprehension and application.

Utilize these complimentary statistics calculators to discover how to:


4. YouTube Tutorials


YouTube’s data content creators deliver immense value—offering everything from concise tutorials and job-seeking advice in data science to comprehensive courses. If you’re seeking exceptional, free data science learning resources, consider these top recommendations:


5. 365 Data Science Course Notes and Career Guides


At 365 Data Science, we offer a wealth of free resources to our students. For those keen on exploring data science without financial constraints, download our complimentary course notes and career guides. You can access various topics at no cost, including  Intro to Data Science, Statistics, Probability, Python, Machine Learning, Data Strategy, and others. 

In addition to course notes, you can download 365’s free Data Analyst Career Guide and Data Scientist Career Guide.


6. Free Big Tech Courses


Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and other Big Tech organizations have shown increasing interest in providing free online courses to individuals worldwide. 

For instance, you can sign up at no cost for Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certification on Coursera, accessing courses for free until opting to pay a reasonable fee for a certificate of completion.




This comprehensive list of free data science learning resources is a testament to the quality content available online at no cost. The wealth of available educational resources will motivate future data analysts and scientists—enhancing global skillsets and career prospects, regardless of humble origins.

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