Chucky Fans Now Have to Wait a Week Before Streaming New Episodes on Peacock

Image: SyFy

If you excitedly went to Peacock on Thursday to watch the latest episode of Chucky, only to find it was not yet available to stream—and then screamed with the wrong kind of horror—you are not alone among the killer doll’s legions of fans.

Up until this week, episodes of Chucky were being released for streaming on Peacock the day after their initial airings on Syfy and USA. And the first episode of Don Mancini’s highly anticipated second half of season three, which paused shooting during the strikes last year, did indeed show up the day after its April 10 premiere, as cable cutter fans were used to. But starting with this week’s installment, and continuing with the remaining two episodes, there’ll be a week-long break between airing and streaming, according to a Peacock email sent to press, which specifically states “episodes available on Peacock seven days after air.” The April 17 episode streams April 24; the April 24 episode streams May 1; and the May 1 finale makes its way to Peacock on May 8.

With hardly any warning or clear messaging for fans on any of Chucky’s official platforms, folks have taken to X to share their frustrations over the delay—especially those who signed up for Peacock specifically to keep up with the show when it returned.

It really makes no sense, especially since spoilers abound online—and is a buzzkill for a huge portion of fans if they’re seven days late to the discourse. It’s also really shooting a good show in the foot by denying its fanbase the chance to hype up new episodes, no matter how they tune in, each week. We need to get Chucky himself on the case to fix this! io9 has reached out to NBCUniversal for comment or clarification, and will update this post if we hear back.

New episodes of Chucky season three air Wednesdays on Syfy and USA—and as of this week, the episodes are also available on Peacock seven days after release.

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