Introducing more enterprise-grade features for API customers

To help organizations scale their AI usage without over-extending their budgets, we’ve added two new ways to reduce costs on consistent and asynchronous workloads:

  • Discounted usage on committed throughput: Customers with a sustained level of tokens per minute (TPM) usage on GPT-4 or GPT-4 Turbo can request access to provisioned throughput to get discounts ranging from 10–50% based on the size of the commitment.
  • Reduced costs on asynchronous workloads: Customers can use our new Batch API to run non-urgent workloads asynchronously. Batch API requests are priced at 50% off shared prices, offer much higher rate limits, and return results within 24 hours. This is ideal for use cases like model evaluation, offline classification, summarization, and synthetic data generation.

We plan to keep adding new features focused on enterprise-grade security, administrative controls, and cost management. For more information on these launches, visit our API documentation or get in touch with our team to discuss custom solutions for your enterprise.

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