‘Longlegs’ trailer is a bonafide sound design nightmare

If you’re one for creepy crime investigation horror, you might want to check out Longlegs. If you’re watching the trailer at home, and you want to continue your day in peace, turn the sound down. For the rest of us, crank it up and enjoy the nightmare.

One of the films we’re looking forward to this summer, Longlegs comes from I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House director Osgood Perkins. It Follows star Maika Monroe is in the lead as Lee Harker, an FBI agent assigned to investigate a serial killer. The bureau’s only clue? The killer left letters at each murder signed “Longlegs”. But Lee might be more connected to the case than it seems.

Nicolas Cage is also in this film! But where?

How to watch: Longlegs opens in theaters July 12.

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