Python Meets Pawn 2: Clustering Chess Grandmasters based on their Openings | by Mikayil Ahadli

In this blog, I will guide you through the process of analyzing Chess Grandmasters’ openings using Python.

Towards Data Science
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What questions am I answering

My passion for chess is no secret, and here, I’ve shared analyses of my own game openings. But today, I venture into a new territory: the world of Grandmasters. What openings do they commonly use? How varied are their choices? I’m interested in the distribution of these openings among different Grandmasters. Do top players favor similar openings? Is it possible to group them based on their preferences? I do not know — let’s find out!

Part 1: Getting data

A great aspect of chess is the accessibility of its data. There are many sources, including pgnmentor, where you can view and download data about openings and players (for free). This data, updated several times a year, includes games in Portable Game Notation (PGN), the most popular format for chess…

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