Questions About the ASUSTOR NAS App Answered | by ULINK DA Drive Analyzer | May, 2024

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The recently released ASUSTOR NAS App extends the drive failure prediction functionality of DA Drive Analyzer to ASUSTOR NAS devices, allowing ASUSTOR NAS users to predict impending drive failures using machine learning methods. As with any new product, we thought users might have a few questions, which we can address here.

My NAS already warns me when there are SMART trips. What advantage does using the ASUSTOR NAS App provide beyond this?

SMART Trips were only meant to provide a 24-hour warning before failure. In most cases, the AI used by the ASUSTOR NAS App gives you several days of advance warning before failure. The AI used by the ASUSTOR NAS App can catch more failing drives than SMART Trips. Previous estimates place this at 7–8 times more.

What drive models are supported by the ASUSTOR NAS App?

The ASUSTOR NAS App supports 99+% of commercial drives on the market, and includes SSDs, HDDs, SATA drives, NVMe drives, and SCSI/SAS drives.

Does my NAS need to be connected to the internet for the ASUSTOR NAS App to work?


How can I get started with the ASUSTOR NAS App?

First, make sure you have the Docker Engine app installed. The application can be installed from App Central in ADM.

Second, download the ASUSTOR NAS App from App Central.

Third, purchase a license from

Fourth, click on the DA Drive Analyzer app icon on the desktop of ADM and follow the instructions, signing up for an account and entering the license key when prompted.

How does the ASUSTOR NAS App warn me if there are problems with my drives?

At-risk drives appear in RED or YELLOW on the ASUSTOR NAS App. You can also allow the service to email you when drives experience problems. To do this, go to DA Portal >> Account Settings and set up email notifications.

Is there a way I can try the app for free?

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial for first-time users.

If I have multiple NAS devices, do I need multiple licenses?


If my NAS supports up to 4 drives, but I only have 2 drives installed, do I need to get the LT2 license, or can I just use the LT1 license?

You need to purchase the license that corresponds to the number of drives supported by your NAS. So, if your ASUSTOR NAS supports up to 4 drives, you will need to purchase the LT2 license even if you are only using 2 drives.

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