The devil is in the fine print – Week in security with Tony Anscombe


Temu’s cash giveaway where people were asked to hand over vast amounts of their personal data to the platform puts the spotlight on the data-slurping practices of online services today

Temu, the popular China-based online marketplace, recently launched a promotion where people received cash in exchange for new sign-ups that involved handing over vast amounts of their personal data, including their ‘voice’ and ‘biographical information’. Many people bagged Temu’s offer and went on to post ‘invitation codes’ across social media sites in an effort to multiply the rewards for themselves and their relatives and friends.

The company later revised the terms of the giveaway, but the issue put the spotlight on the data collection practices of popular online services these days. Some of the questions this leads to, however, are:

  • Did Temu’s new users read the fine print?
  • Do they and their friends know what they agreed to?
  • What should you consider before agreeing to these kinds of offers?

Find out in this week’s edition of Week in security.


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