Top Artificial Intelligence AI Courses for Beginners in 2024

The popularity of AI has skyrocketed in the past few years, with new avenues being opened up with the rise in the use of large language models (LLMs). Having knowledge of AI has now become quite essential as recruiters are actively looking for candidates with a strong foundation in the same. This article lists the top AI courses for beginners to take to help them make a shift in their careers and gain the necessary skills.

Google AI for Anyone

“Google AI for Anyone” is a beginner-friendly course that teaches about artificial intelligence (AI). The course covers how AI is used in real-world applications like recommender systems, self-driving cars, etc., and also allows the students to build an understanding of machine learning algorithms, including supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement, etc.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

This course has been designed by Harvard University and explores the foundational concepts and algorithms of modern artificial intelligence. It covers various topics like graph search algorithms, classification, optimization, machine learning, and large language models with the help of hands-on projects, allowing the students to incorporate them into their own Python programs.

IBM AI Developer Professional Certificate

This is a comprehensive course that introduces the fundamentals of software engineering and artificial intelligence and also covers some of the emerging technologies like generative AI. It teaches how to build generative AI-powered apps and chatbots and deploy AI applications using Python and Flask. The course also teaches how to use tools and models like ChatGPT, GitHub CoPilot, Google Gemini, and IBM Watson Code Assistant.

AI For Everyone

“AI For Everyone” has been designed by DeepLearning.AI and is taught by one of the most renowned AI instructors – Andrew Ng. The course covers the common terminologies of AI, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, etc., and what AI can and cannot do. It also teaches how to spot opportunities to apply AI to organizational problems.

AI Foundations for Everyone Specialization

This course by IBM has been designed to provide a solid understanding of what AI is and its applications across various industries. It also covers topics like generative AI and its applications, as well as prompt engineering. The course has numerous hands-on exercises, and as a final project, students have to develop, test, and deploy a Watson AI-powered customer service chatbot on a website.

Machine Learning Specialization

“Machine Learning Specialization” is another course by DeepLearning.AI taught by Andrew Ng. It teaches the core concepts of machine learning and how to build real-world AI applications using the same. The course covers numerous algorithms of supervised and unsupervised learning and also teaches how to build neural networks using TensorFlow.

Machine Learning for All

This course introduces machine learning without needing any programming. It explains the basics of machine learning and demonstrates how to use a non-programming based platform to train a model.

Generative AI for Everyone

“Generative AI for Everyone” explains what generative AI is and what are some of its common use cases. It also covers the potential opportunities and risks that generative AI poses. The course also has hands-on exercises that help the students augment their learning.

Generative AI: Prompt Engineering Basics

This course teaches how to leverage prompt engineering to unlock the full potential of generative AI models. It covers the basics of prompt engineering, some of its common techniques and approaches, and commonly used tools for prompt engineering.

Introduction to Generative AI

“Introduction to Generative AI” is an introductory-level microlearning course that explains the basics of generative AI. It covers how this technology is used, how it differs from traditional machine learning methods, and how we can develop our own GenAI apps.

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